Visit Franklin County, Iowa…for Liberty!

Every year, lovers of American History and the spirit of Liberty celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17.  This year, I would like to extend this celebration for an entire week!  My name is Shawn Dietz, and I have the honor of serving as the Mayor of Hampton, Iowa.  I hope you’ll bookmark this page and check back often, as members of the Franklin County community, and others from across the state of Iowa work together to organize what we are proudly calling “Liberty Week”!

We plan on using the week to bring people together to celebrate America’s great message of Liberty as our founding fathers intended it when they signed the Constitution in 1787.  We have a few activities in the planning stages for that week starting with a Mayoral Proclamation of “Liberty Week” in Hampton on Monday, September 17, and coming to a close on Saturday, September 22 with “Iowa Libertyfest 2012” in Hampton’s Bandshell Park including a concert by nationally recognized friend of Liberty, Jordan Page!

Please consider making a contribution by clicking here to make this event a huge success for Liberty!


4 Responses to Visit Franklin County, Iowa…for Liberty!

  1. Jeff says:

    Finally a festival with a theme worth celebrating. I will be there.

  2. I’ll be there in liberty!

  3. Clarence & Linda Meiergerd says:

    Excellent! We will be there to help!

  4. John Lofton says:

    We teach a 12-week course on the U.S. Constitution, including it’s Christian roots, which are NOT taught in many courses. And we sell a kit so YOU can teach that course. Please contact me for details at Thanks. God bless you all.

    John Lofton, Communications Director
    Institute on the Constitution
    Pasadena, Maryland

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